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Liaison International
Medical Insurance for people traveling outside their home country. Perfect for trips between 5 days and 3 years. Monthly renewal option available. Immediate coverage is available once you are satisfied with the quotation. Print your ID Card immediately! The plan is underwritten by a U.S. insurance company rated A- "Excellent" by AM Best.

RoundTrip Travel Benefits
Protect your tickets, your luggage and your health worldwide. With RoundTrip, you'll be prepared. Who knows what could happen during a trip abroad – or before you even depart. Benefits include: trip cancellation; interruption/delay; medical transportation; lost or stolen baggage; missed connection; assistance services.

Liaison Worldwide
Medical Insurance for people traveling outside their home country. Ideal program for the international traveler concerned about unexpected medical expenses while away from home. Insurance company for the plan is Nationwide, rated A+ "Superior". Coverage is available for U.S. citizens traveling abroad and foreign nationals visiting the United States.

Liaison Majestic
Medical Insurance for people traveling outside their home country Liaison Majestic offers unique benefits such as political evacuation, felonious assault, coma and limited pre-existing condition coverage for foreign nationals visiting the United States. Obtain a quote or complete the online process and obtain an immediate ID card.

Reside Prime
Permanent health coverage for non-U.S. residents. RESIDE Prime provides benefits to non-U.S. residents.

Medical insurance that covers you no matter where you live. Whatever the reason, if you need to leave your home country, Reside Worldwide Medical Plan will follow you. Whether you are a US citizen living abroad or a citizen of another country, Reside provides you with security at home and the freedom to seek care anywhere in the world.

Inbound Immigrant
Medical protection specifically designed for immigrants to the United States. Finding coverage for immigrants is difficult, especially when trying to locate reasonably priced protection. Providing up to 5 years of protection, Inbound Immigrant is a scheduled benefit program that offers U.S. immigrants security against unforeseen medical conditions.

Liaison Traveler
Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and Personal Liability coverage for the International Traveler. If you already have medical coverage outside your home country, Liaison Traveler can provide protection against non-medical situations when traveling abroad. Liaison Traveler provides emergency evacuation, repatriation, accidental death & dismemberment, and personal liability coverage to the international traveler.

Liaison Student
Provides medical coverage for students, visiting faculty, and scholars who are temporarily residing outside of their home country while engaged in full-time educational or research activities.