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Watercraft insurance is available for small boats, yachts, high performance powerboats, catamarans, pontoons, and personal watercrafts. This variety of insurance covers intended use including personal recreation and commercial vessels. 

Although there is no requirement that boat owners have insurance for their vessels, the experienced boat owner knows it is wise to do so.

Watercraft insurance is like car insurance. No one wants to pay it, but you do so because accidents do happen. Not only is it costly to repair a damaged boat, but it can be financially devastating if a judgment is awarded against you requiring you to pay thousands of dollars toward another’s injuries or property damage. Watercraft insurance protects against the greater of the losses.

While you might ram another boat, run aground on a sand bar, or ram a buoy, there are other less obvious boating dangers such as:

  • Your boat sinks, more often than not while in dock.
  • You get sued because of damage caused by your wake.
  • An oil spill creates an environmental hazard that you as the boat owner are responsible for.
  • A guest gets injured on your boat.

If you think your homeowner's insurance will cover the medical bills. Sorry, without watercraft insurance, you'll be paying those costs out of your own pocket. Unlike automobile policies, existing watercraft insurance policies do not transfer to a replacement boat, and new boats are not automatically covered.

Work with our watercraft insurance specialists to obtain a customized insurance policy to meet your specific needs.